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Slowly learning the value of life through my family


I started out my carpentry experience in 1975. I hired on as a carpenter's helper on a crew, framing single family homes, townhouses and sundecks, in and around the Northern Virginia area.

After a few years of framing carpentry, I also started doing interior finish carpentry & trimwork installations. In 1979 I ventured out on my own and started sub-contracting the interior finish carpentry here and there for other contractors.

I also partnered with a couple other carpenters and we formed a company around 1981 -82. That endeavor only lasted a short time. It seems we each had our own differing views on how to run the business.

In 1983 I founded MITRE CONTRACTING, INC. I landed my first big contract with Ryan Homes and immediately started trimming around 400 to 600 single family homes & townhomes each year. MITRE also had framing crews back then and contracted framing single family homes for a few years. But I seemed to focus more on the finish carpentry aspect of the business and slowly phased out the framing carpentry. MITRE has continued installing the interior trim, millwork, cabinetry & stair rails, for several area builders, continuously throughout these past 25 years.

In 1987 I started to contract with Long Homes, a custom home builder and slowly got away from the production trim carpentry and moved into a more custom millwork install.

In 1992 I started trimming for Quaker Custom Homes, and have been doing their interior finish carpentry exclusively for the last 16 years.

Through the years, MITRE has contracted to install the interior trim and finish carpentry for over twenty-five or so Northern Virginia area builders and contractors.

A lot of other interior trim carpentry contractors went the "piece crew" route. Hiring all these fly-by-night crews, subbing out their sub-contract work. They were able to expand and grow by doing larger amounts of production, but I feel their quality control was severely lacking. I opted to mainly stay with hourly carpenters and personally work on and with the crews myself.

Throughout all this time, I have also been contracting numerous projects with homeowners, performing all sorts of home enhancements, renovations and improvements.

Due to the recent slow down in the housing industry this last couple years, I have been focusing more and more on this aspect of the business, to the point that in 2007, home renovation accounted for over 3/4 of MITRE'S workload.

Give me a call anytime and allow me to give you a free no obligation estimate on your next home improvement project.


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